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Thermostatic Controls

Summary about thermostatic control hardware
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There are several different thermostatic radiator-valve controls which can be addressed by the fhz1000 protocols, as well as several which are similar but can not be addressed. To help sort out confusion, I have started a table of the different types here. I would appreciate help from others in "getting the details right" and correcting errors.

For example, I have read that some versions suffer from a bug where they display the wrong dates if the year is an integer multiple of 8 (for example 2008 or 2016). If anyone can add additional information, or correct the table below, please go ahead and edit the table directly. You can create additional rows if there are more variants or if there are differences between models from different manufacturers.

Note that this table primarily concerns the thermostatic controller, not the motor-controlled radiator value (Stellantrieb).

Bruce Allen

Warning: this table is under construction and probably contains incorrect information!

TYPEAdressable by FHZ-1000?Receive window open/close?Display set (Soll) temperature?Display current (Ist) temperature?
FHT 8 No No Yes No
FHT 8b ??? One reference below seems to say yes, another seems to say no. No Yes No
FHT 8R-2 No No Yes Yes
FHT 80b Yes Yes Yes No
FHT 80b-II Yes Yes Yes Yes/No

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