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Windows Tools

Windows Tools
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This page is made for Windows tools.
Add your own tools (Please with instructions) or links to other tools that you have found useful.

Windows Tools:


I have written a simple utility that de- or encrypts the .spg-files of the ELV Windows program that accompanies the hardware. Download Zip file, extract all files into a new directory and start ELVCodec!

The encryption is really very simple: Starting with line 2, all characters are shifted one step downwards in the alphabet!


Here are some decoded samples.

USB Sniffer/Monitor

My preferred Tool to get an idea what is exchanged between the FHZ box and the ELV Windows Software is the HHD USB Monitor.
Download Trail here

FTD2XX.dll Monitor

The ELV FHZ1XXXPC.exe Software uses the FTD2XX.dll to communicate with the USB-Version of the FHZ. The FTD2XX.dll is well documented. I wrote a monitor, that logs all Functions FHZ1XXXPC.exe calls in FTD2XX.dll and the parameters which are used.
How to get the log:
1. Create a new Direcotry and copy the ELV FHZ1xxxPC.exe File to this new directory.
2. Copy the original FTD2xx.dll to the new directory.
3. rename the copy of the original FTD2XX.dll to FTD2MB.dll.
4. download the FTD2XX.dll from here FTD2XX.dll
5. Open DebugView? which will write all the logged informations to the screen, or file. DebugView? can be downloaded from Download DebugView
6. Open FHZ1XXXPC.exe and you should be able to see all functions and parameters it is calling from FTD2XX.dll to communicate with the FHZ in DebugView?.exe.


LogFilter? is a tool to filter and reduce the enormous lists produced by the HHD USB-Sniffer.
It is a Windows console application, i.e. it is started from the command line of a Dos box.
Download Zip file, extract all files into a new directory and start LogFilter? in a DOS-Box - then you will se the help text.
After filtering with LogFilter?, a log is typically reduced by a factor 300.
A new version (1.1) is now available; unfortunately there was a problem with the old one.

Created by: Pjotrek last modification: Tuesday 13 of March, 2007 [09:14:53 UTC] by Markus1980Wien

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