CC11xx registers 4 BidCos

first byte == register no
second byte == register value

const uint8_t CC1100_CFG60 = {

0x00, 0x02,

0x02, 0x06,

0x03, 0x0D,

0x04, 0xE9,

0x05, 0xCA,

0x07, 0x0C,

0x0B, 0x06,

0x0D, 0x21,

0x0E, 0x65,

0x0F, 0x6A,

0x10, 0xC8,

0x11, 0x93,

0x12, 0x03,

0x15, 0x34,

0x17, 0x03,

0x18, 0x18,

0x19, 0x16,

0x1B, 0x43,

0x21, 0x56,

0x25, 0x00,

0x26, 0x11,

0x2D, 0x35,

0x3e, 0xc3,


// Send SRES command
ccStrobe( CC1100_SRES );


// load configuration
for (uint8_t i = 0; i<sizeof(CC1100_CFG); i += 2) {

if (CC1100_CFGi>0x40)

cc1100_sendbyte( CC1100_CFGi );
cc1100_sendbyte( CC1100_CFGi+1 );

ccStrobe( CC1100_SCAL );

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